Imax Hyderabad

Imax Hyderabad

Prasad’s IMAX,

India’s 3rd IMAX Theatre is located in the heart of the city on the banks of the Hussain Sagar Lake. It is a fully integrated family entertainment center. Spanning an area of 2,35,000 sq ft., this centrally air conditioned facility is a high tech, one stop recreation hub providing the people of Hyderabad with a unique and exciting experience, like never before.

Featuring the world’s most powerful film projector, the facility houses South India’s first Imax theatre. IMAX is a brand that is recognized worldwide. The facility possesses a 6-channel sound system with an output of 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. The Prasad’s IMAX Theatre has food outlets, coffee bars, gift shops etc.. setting a new benchmark in entertainment. The center also houses a five screen state of the art multiplex with a combined capacity of 1800 seats.

Hyderabad’s first food court, located in this complex, provides a sumptuous spread of multi-cuisine food interspersed with fast food counters.Prasads IMAX(Prasadz) and Multiplex are located in Hyderabad,India. This multiplex is also called as "Prasad The Experience". This is the first IMAX theatre in South India. First ever multiplex in Hyderabad. Apart from being a multiplex, prasad's has a semi-shopping mall also. This Prasad's IMAX multiplex is located on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake at the heart of Hyderabad. This IMAX multiplex is a part of Buddha Purnima project area, which is an initiative of AP Tourism department. With this, Prasad joins the big league of 225 IMAX theaters that are spread across 30 countries.

This Prasad's entertainment center also sports five 70 mm screens along with the IMAX screen. Out of these five screens, four are being used for public exhibition and one screen is reserved for private shows. Along with the screen, the Prasad's also has food courts,fast food restaurants, entertainment zone and shopping malls that are spread over three floors of approximately 70,000 sq feet. The entire multiplex is centrally air-conditioned one. It is South India's First IMAX theater, India's 3rd IMAX theater, World's largest 3-D IMAX screen.

The opening of the IMAX Theater in Hyderabad marks a new epoch in the evolution of Indian cinema. Having revolutionized the movie viewing experience world wide, this technology is all set to make a paradigm shift in the Indian Cinema as well. The fact that Hyderabad city has the first IMAX Theater in the entire South India ipso facto makes this event more significant to us. Prasads imax theater that was flagged off to the Hyderabad public on 25th of July.

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