Taj Falaknuma : Business and Wedding Events - Hyderabad 5 Star Hotels

Taj Falaknuma : Business and Wedding Events - Hyderabad 5 Star Hotels

With a long-standing history of hosting European Monarchs, Heads of State and visiting luminaries, Taj Falaknuma Palace is no stranger to the grandest of events. Be it weddings, receptions or anything you deem special, our venues include the stunning Durbar Hall, the Jade Room, the massive 101-seater Dining Hall and assorted gardens and terraces - venues well acquainted with the art of celebration. Get our skilled staff to cater not only to your every need but also to cull the best gastronomic experiences that have been the hallmark of Taj chefs around the world.

Just 20 minutes from the airport are corporate venues dedicated to the art of mixing business with pleasure. At Taj Falaknuma Palace, the Board Room seats 17 over a comfortable expanse of 900 square feet. Equipped with the latest in video conferencing and display devices including a 52-inch LCD television, the Palace also has the conveniently situated Breakaway Room which provides a relaxed setting for some good old-fashioned networking over themed afternoon teas. Depending on the size of your group, you can also use the Durbar Hall to seat 50 or take your tea in the exquisite Jade Room, which has played host to visiting European royalty and Indian dignitaries through the centuries.

The natural layout of this Scorpion-shaped Palace provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate old memories and make new ones. Your occasion to celebrate is our opportunity to commemorate and we want to make sure that old-world charm and new-world amenities provide the perfect backdrop to your customized celebration. Whether it is birthdays, graduations or even promotions, let our experienced butlers, chefs and service staff help you in directing and planning your event to the last detail.

If the Nizams made the otherwise mundane rituals of bathing and eating a spiritual, complex and subliminal journey, can you imagine the splendour, intricacy and care with which weddings were planned? In a culture adept at catering to the needs of discerning royalty no detail is too specific, no demand too outlandish and no request too unattainable. Be the architect of your own royal wedding as our range of services and venues all over the Palace give you the ultimate blueprint to spin a dream wedding of your own.

Celebrate your union at our 9000 square feet Rajasthani Gardens, created and conceived by the Nizam himself. Or take the plunge in front of teary-eyed friends and family in the gold-hued Durbar Hall, one of the most spectacular rooms in the Palace which has been inspired by the mythological Indra Bhavan. Let your vision come to life with the help of our staff because we want it to be an experience you and your loved ones will never forget.


THE BOARD ROOM : Designed to seat 17, the Board Room is an ode to both technology and history. State-of-the-art amenities like electronic LCD projectors, video conferencing, conference calling, electronic copy board and a 52-inch television rub elbows with precious artifacts and French woodwork

THE DURBAR HALL : The jewel in the crown at Taj Falaknuma, the Durbar Hall is a visually stunning venue where gilt-edged detailing and warm tones take on a whole new meaning. With enough space to comfortably accommodate a hundred guests, the 2000 square feet Hall makes for a spectacular royal setting to your event.

THE 101 DINING HALL: Get cozy with a hundred others in this, the world’s largest dining table. Built in seven parts, the 101-seater provides a sit-down dining experience that is quite literally unmatched anywhere else in the world.


THE RAJASTHANI GARDEN :Amid authentic Rajputana architecture, a spectacular fountain and immaculately manicured lawns, this personal project of the Nizam can host 150 for cocktails and 80 for banquet-style seating.

So Celebrate with royalty in above venues.