Taj Falaknuma - RESTAURANTS & DINING - Hyderabad 5 Star Hotels

Taj Falaknuma - RESTAURANTS & DINING - Hyderabad 5 Star Hotels

At the heart of Taj Falaknuma is a commitment to procuring only the finest ingredients locally and also from around the world. You can engage with different dining experiences at Taj Falaknuma's Indian, Western and Asian restaurants. You can also opt to go off the beaten track with unique dining experiences with "Shikaar ka Khaana", "Shahi Dastarkhaan", The Royal Terrace and the Hookah Lounge.

Sample a selectionof royal Hyderabadi specialities, or savour the fnest Italian cuisine. Dine beneath the stars or indulge in a sumptuous breakfast. A colonial experience unfolds at the verandah with high tea, while the Gol Bungalow is ideal for cocktails. The Palace
has an Indian restaurant serving traditional Hyderabadi cuisine with a contemporary touch. Our All Day Dining restaurant serves classical Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with essential Jade Room.The Jade room’s history precedes its reputation for having favours of the east.


Jade Terrace 
The terrace is a spectacular venue for hosting private dinners as it offers breathtaking views of the city far below.The breathtaking views of the 400 year old city and the palace make this venue an ideal location and a magical setting for a romantic candle light dinner. The terrace pathway is dressed in fragrant jasmine and dimly lit with tradtional labras, at the end of which a table is set with heavily embroidered silk overlays, finest crystal glassware and gold cutlery. Atmosphere is laced with scent of exotic flowers and rose petals showered in the periphery. Your personal butler takes care of you throughout the evening serving epicurean delights from a specially crafted chef’s tasting menu.

Shahi Dastarkhan 
Soldiers with mashals in their hands align the entrance to the romantic setting of the Chowki dinner (traditional low level seating.) In the distance, a troupe performs a symphony of Suf Qawalis. A six course traditional gourmet meal is served by the royal butlers followed by a tasting of favored hookahs. Amid the beauty of silks and satin Persian rugs and in the light of beautiful candlebras, is an experience as divine as the culinary offerings are wide. ‘Shahi Dastarkhan’ has been recreated down to the last, romantic detail and provides an unforgettable glimpse of the dining experiences of the Nawab himself.

Allow the Palace Butlers to fuss over you as they serve you course-by-course in true, time honoured tradition. This six-course traditional gourmet meal features some of the Nizam's culinary favourites served by staff who will quietly withdraw when privacy is needed. And no ‘Shahi Dastarkhan’ experience can be complete without Sufi instrumental music, traditional dance performances and extravagant fireworks.

Shikaar Ka Khaana
Throughout the centuries, the Nizams of Hyderabad were famed for their sumptuous feasts and their passion for food. Hunting had always been the foremost passion of the sixth Nizam. An ultimate alfresco dining experience, the Nizam's hunting jaunts have been recreated in the Royal Barbecue or ‘Shikaar ka Khaana’. This royal feast is set amidst the intricately manicured Rajasthani gardens with larger than life spit fires roasting your favourite meats, recipes of which have been closely safe guarded by the Nizam’s personal chefs. The ambience is further accentuated by traditional “chowki” seating, flavoured hookas and faint fragrance of tube roses with the aromas of the glowing ambers & rich marinades Post the affair with our delectable kebabs and grills, indulge in the pride of a 400 year old cuisine - Biryani... a perfect symphony of flavours and spice followed by an array traditional desserts

                              The culinary experience at Taj Falaknuma Palace recreates the passionate relationship between monarchs and their cuisines. Inspired by centuries of indulgence, we will take a leaf out of those experiences that have captivated the Nizams and their distinguished guests. We will recreate and reinterpret tastes and traditions of a bygone era, while keeping contemporary palates in mind.

If you're partial to your poison, then the Palace also has a staggering collection of the rarest whiskies, single malts, luxury vodkas and cognacs, including Louis XIII, supplemented by an unrivaled selection of the finest handmade cigars from all over the world.

You will find molten gold and amber in the Palace treasure chest. Our elaborate wine lists have been carefully put together by our Sommelier and you can depend on our guidance to select just the right wine for that course or event. Special tasting menus can also be arranged. 

With an Approx Rs. 2000 for two (without alcohol), VAT & Service Charges extra , enjoying the luxury with delicious food leaves one  satisfied with the whole experience.